Dr Kaitlyn Edin (TCM)
BA, BHSc(TCM), GradDipEd, DipRM, Jap Acup Cert, Manaka Cert, Toyohari Cert.

Kaitlyn is an East Asian medicine physician, an AHPRA registered acupuncturist andherbalist (TCM).

She is a highly qualified and experienced acupuncturist within a Classical tradition of Meridian Therapy. She has trained in the Toyohari method, Dr Manaka Protocols, Dr Nagano strategies and has a keen interest in all masters of Meridian Therapy.

Kaitlyn Edin offers a gentle, effective acupuncture style and her experience covers a broad range of conditions including emotional health and rehabilitation, women's health, immunity and digestive related conditions, pain relief and wellness.  

She has worked for many years with natural fertility, ART and IVF support, assisting women and their partners to conceive and carry healthy babies to full term. Kaitlyn has also worked  in pregnancy health including breech presentations and ensuring the conditions for easy labouring and postnatal recovery.




Kaitlyn began her studies in Japan in the late nineties, and finalised her formal qualifications in Australia.

Since her successful completion of the four year degree of Health Science in TCM at UTS, Kaitlyn has had the great fortune to work and study with many dedicated professionals both in Australia and Japan. Since 2010, Kaitlyn has undertaken extensive post graduate skills based training in the areas of meridian therapy and Japanese acupuncture. 

Teaching and research are also areas of interest over the long term to ensure the continued viability of, and best practice within meridian therapy acupuncture and classical Eastern Medicine. Previous research work involved being a research acupuncturist, seeing and treating patients under Randomised Trial conditions, as well as being involved with a number of Complementary medicine trials and health literacy projects currently being undertaken by the National Institute of Complementary Medicine (NICM) at the University of Western Sydney. 

She is available to undergraduate students for private tuition by arrangement, and runs Elemental Seminars a series of peer-to peer courses in skills-based training for undergraduate students and practitioners alike.


AHPRA - Acupuncture, Herbalism & Chinese Medicine CMR0001708400

ANTA - Australian Natural Therapists Association: 7921